03 Dec 2018

Park & Dine Launches “LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” Campaign

As part of Link Asset Management Limited (“Link”) commitment to “growing with tenants”, we are launching the LIKE Link’s Shops Staffcampaign today. Using the Park & Dine app, we have created a platform for the public to recognize outstanding service from staff of Link’s tenants, with the aim to encourage staff to continue working hard to achieve service excellence.

Link always strives to create exceptional customer experiences. In addition to enhancing properties and improving tenant mix, we created Park & Dine app to connect customers with nearly 10,000 tenants in 138 shopping centres throughout Hong Kong. For our shopping centres and fresh markets to be attractive, tenants play a significant role by providing customers quality service and support, and the contribution of frontline staff is extremely vital. 

Park & Dine “LIKE Link’s Shops Staff” will award individual cash prizes of up to $10,000
From today until 31 December, all staff working in all shops in any of Link’s shopping centres or fresh markets can register to participate and receive “Likes” from the public on Park & Dine app. Regular customers, visitors, and other members of the public can then give “like” to recognise the efforts of staff who go above and beyond in their service on Park & Dine.

Public giving “likes” is just one way the campaign recognizes tenants’ superb staff; Link is also giving out more than 100 cash prizes. The top ten participants to receive the most “Likes” will each receive the Most Liked -- Gold Prize of HK$10,000 (10 prizes). The next 20 staff will each receive  HK$3,000 Most Liked -- Silver Prize (20 prizes) and thereafter, the next 100 staff will each receive HK$1,000 Most Liked -- Bronze Prize (100 prizes). 

Tenant support is also an important factor in staff success, so we are also awarding a Most Liked Shop Grand Prize to tenants whose staff win the Most Liked -- Gold Prize. Tenants with high participation will be recognized as a Super Shop, and even members of the public will receive a gift for participation if they “like” at least 5 staff!

“’LIKE Link’s Shops Staff’ is the first campaign organised by a shopping mall in Hong Kong to recognise the contribution of tenant’s staff.  Park & Dine app plays a central role in the campaign, with everything from participant registration to public giving “likes” and the announcement of results are conducted on this platform. 

We welcome every service staff who works for tenants within Link’s shopping centres to participate. This campaign gives us an opportunity to show appreciation for all that tenants and their staff do to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to our customers, and helps Link build a closer relationship with our tenants,” said Hilda Wong, Link’s Head of Customer Experience Management.

Carlos Chan wins customers’ hearts
Local heart-throb actor Carlos Chan, popular for his recent television role in “The Frozen Grandpa”, is lead star in the television ad to promote this campaign. Taking on the role of a Super Shop Staff, Carlos shows how he wins customers’ hearts with his attentive care and excellent service. The ad will premiere on TVB Jade the night of 3 December. Get a sneak peek now: Video Link

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