06 Oct 2016

"Park & Dine" Mobile App Offers Fresh Food Sourcing

Following the launch of its "Park & Dine" mobile app a few months ago, Link today announced a brand new function that expands the app’s scope from shopping centres and car parks to include fresh markets. The new function provides comprehensive information and services on buying fresh foods to make delicious homemade dishes, with app users now able to get cooking ideas, receive suggestions and request help on sourcing ingredients, all using their smart device.
Since 2011, Link has been upgrading its fresh markets with reference to community needs through enhancements that include wider passageways; improved lighting, ventilation and drainage facilities; as well as a broader range of services and goods. This has not only offered customers a better shopping experience, but it has also improved the business environment for tenants. Link has also made use of technology to help customers shop by offering popular mobile app services like real-time information on parking space availability and e-queuing capabilities.
To promote healthy diets, Link has partnered with Cook1Cook, a social media platform for sharing cooking recipes, and Dim Dish, a fresh food sourcing service with tremendous experience in operating food delivery and catering business, to provide “Park & Dine” app users with a one-stop service that gives suggestions on what and how to cook, and helps source the required ingredients, taking the hassle out of cooking a wholesome meal at home.
George Hongchoy, CEO of Link, said “Link has completed asset enhancement works at 20 fresh markets, including Link-operated Tai Yuen Market, Oi Man Market, Lok Fu Market, H.A.N.D.S Market, Tin Shing Market and Butterfly Market, improving hardware and adding new services ranging from customer service counters to market DJs and ambassadors. The “Park & Dine” app’s new function for sourcing fresh food provides the easiest way to buy fresh ingredients. Targeting mainly young families and working people, the new service will enable customers to easily source the high quality food on offer at Link’s fresh markets, and to spend more time with their family by helping them prepare healthy homemade meals.” 
A choice of 20,000 recipes adds to the cooking fun
Founded by a group of young people, Cook1Cook will give “Park & Dine” users access to 20,000 recipes. App users will be able to search for recipes they want, complete with cooking ingredients and methods, and make a list of the required ingredients for market shopping.
In addition, owing to their hectic work lives, many people in Hong Kong cannot make time for a shopping trip before the market closes. Apart from getting recipes from Cook1Cook, app users can also request Dim Dish to buy the fresh ingredients for them. After sourcing the ingredients at Link’s markets, and then washing and packing them, the service will deliver them to the customer’s home. Using simple cooking methods, app users will be able enjoy healthy homemade dishes without having to spend time shopping and cleaning. The “Park & Dine” app therefore provides a new way of healthy cooking and eating that suits today’s fast-paced city life.
Since its launch in May, the “Park & Dine” app has been well received by the public, and it currently offers “Find My Car” function and e-queuing services at more than 15 shopping centres. The number of Link’s shopping centres with free Wi-Fi service has also increased to approximately 50, bringing more convenience to visitors.
Furthermore, from 11 October to 13 November, Link is hosting a contest for the most creative recipes. Participants are challenged to come up with a creative dish and soup for two people that can be made for HK$20 or less with ingredients available at any of Link’s 78 fresh markets.. Winning recipes will be shared with others through Link’s “Park & Dine” app.
For more information about these services, please visit Linkhk.com.
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