18 Feb 2013

Progress Update of BFA Facilities

Since the announcement of improvement plans for Barrier Free Access (BFA) facilities in early 2011, The Link REIT ("The Link") has started upgrade works at a total of 73 properties. Among the 73 properties, 52 have completed the basic BFA upgrades according to the Best Practicable Principle, and 21 are making good progress. 
Please refer to the enclosed table for a full list of progress updates on all the relevant properties.
The Link has adopted the Best Practicable Principle based on the standards set out in the Buildings Department’s Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008 and other associated requirements in building BFA facilities.  Eight major BFA facilities will be upgraded, including tactile guide paths and warning strips, low platform service counters, accessible toilets, Braille layout maps, visual fire alarms, accessible parking bays, ramps and accessible lifts with audio / visual functions.
In order to implement the improvement plan in a more systematic manner, we will conduct a thorough review and produce an overall strategy for the coming works.  The sixth batch of properties to be upgraded will be announced at a later date.
Appendix: List of properties with basic BFA facilities completed and progress report of BFA facilities improvement program

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