08 Oct 2012

Promoting the arts and environmental protection with Arts Bus: On the Move! 2012

The Link embraces sustainable development through various kinds of artistic events. On 8 October 2012, with the support of The Link, art promotion programme “Arts Bus: On the Move!” held its launch ceremony at Stanley Plaza. 
Arts bus to spread green messages to the community
Co-organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd), New World First Bus (NWFB) and Citybus Limited, Arts Bus: On the Move! 2012 will organise a series of mobile arts bus projects in the year ahead, including exhibitions, a bus body design competition and workshops. 
The Arts Bus, which was designed by a famous cartoonist and art director, made its debut public appearance at Stanley Plaza.  The design of the bus features green living concepts, such as emission reduction, power saving, rooftop planting and travel on public transport.  It is hoped that the Arts Bus programme will encourage more public participation in the arts, culture and environmental protection.
A special highlight of the Arts Bus tour was the band, Bus Groove, which made use of materials including aluminium cans and old bus parts such as handles, tyres, and lights as musical instruments. 
The Arts Bus will also invite Hong Kong elementary and secondary school students to join the Green City Bus Body Design Competition and will select 20 winning artworks for display on the side panels of the buses. 
A broad range of programmes to promote community sustainability 
Ms Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link Management Limited, said, “The Link has been promoting community sustainability, with strong emphasis placed on the development of  community education, the arts, and environmental protection.  We fully support this meaningful programme of bringing the arts buses to our shopping malls for public display. This will not only enable mall visitors to enjoy this artistic creation, it will also enhance public awareness of environmental issues and contribute to the sustainable development of our communities.” 
She added that to promote environmental protection and appreciation of the arts, The Link has lent its support this year to other events such as the “Project Moon" creative arts project during the Mid-Autumn Festival and a glass bottle recycling programme.
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