18 Jun 2015

‘Red Carpet Fairy Tales’ Promotes Reading Fun this Summer

In celebration of Paperback Book Day on 30 July 2015, The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) will launch Hong Kong’s first ‘Red Carpet Fairy Tales’ campaign at the Lok Fu Plaza this summer. An online voting event, ‘My Most Favourite Fairy Tales’, organised as a prelude to the campaign, has revealed the 20 most favourite Western fairy tales *(note) voted by the public. Lio Beardsley, the well-known local illustrator famous for her work with the world-renowned fashion brand, Anna Sui, will turn ten selected fairy tale scenes from these classics into stunning art tableaus by incorporating her unique drawing style and special effects of sound, touch, smell, visuals and lighting to allow an unparalleled sensory experience.
Two artists from the Arts with the Disabled Association of Hong Kong will join in the installation’s creation by applying their artistic animal designs ranging from deer, zebras and giraffes for the Fairy Tale Forest Castle’s main stage.
Fairy Tale Experience Zones To Nurture Children’s Reading Habits
The ten shortlisted fairy tales scenes, re-designed into the dramatic 3D installation, will occupy three signature zones along the red carpet – the Fairy Tale Forest, European Courtyard and Fantasy Square. Riding on the same theme, the ‘Fairy Tales Storytelling Competition’ and ‘Twist-a-tale Contest’ are organised with the aim to arouse creativity and promote parent-child reading, letting everyone fully immerse themselves in the world of fairy tales this summer!
Limited Edition Colour Pencils Gift Set and Bookmark Reading Light Redemption
Starting from 12 July 2015, customers spending HK$800 or above from different merchants in the same shopping mall and its fresh market can redeem a limited edition of the Lio Beardsley Fairy Tale Colour Pencils gift set or a LED bookmark reading light at The Link’s designated shopping malls and fresh markets. To be eligible, customers must present 2 to 6 machine-printed receipts with printed values of no less than HK$100 each. (A limited quota of 7,000 pencil sets and 9,000 lights applies while stock lasts.)
*The shortlisted 20 classic Western fairy tales of ‘My Most Favourite Fairy Tales’ online voting campaign: (in no particular order)
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Aesop)  The Emperor’s New Clothes (Andersen)
Little Red Riding Hood (Grimm) Alice in Wonderland (Carroll)
The Hare and the Tortoise (Aesop) Pinocchio (Collodi)
The Ugly Duckling (Andersen) The Little Mermaid (Andersen)
Cinderella (Grimm) The Happy Prince (Wilde)
Snow White (Grimm) Aladdin and the Lamp (Galland)
Three Little Pigs (Jacobs) The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Aesop)
Sleeping Beauty (Grimm) Jack and the Beanstalk (Tabart)
The Little Match Girl (Andersen) Thumbelina (Anderson)
The Frog Prince (Grimm) Hansel and Gretel (Grimm)


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