29 Aug 2013

Returning "Gourmet in Style” Banquet Offers Traditional Cantonese Cuisine with Fine Wines

Last year, The Link organised the inaugural ‘Gourmet in Style’ event in Island East, Kowloon East and Tseung Kwan O, inviting renowned gourmet traveller Walter Kei to design recipes and work together with merchants to create a series of dishes that offered guests a new dining experience.        

Due to the event’s overwhelming popularity, The Link will again hold ‘Gourmet in Style’ with Walter Kei in every district of Hong Kong. Walter Kei and restaurants from The Link’s shopping centres in Sha Tin district will create a series of cross-over dishes and design creative recipes that meld Chinese and Western ingredients and traditional and contemporary cooking styles. Walter Kei and Haorizi Banquet from The Link's Wo Che Plaza will host a Wine Pairing Banquet where Old World wines will be paired with traditional Cantonese dishes. Shoppers will have the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw to win travel vouchers of a total value of HK$35,000, which would enable them to travel and enjoy the finest cuisines around the world. 

Enjoy an Extraordinary Night of Dining and Wine with Traditional Cantonese Dishes and Old World Wine

The Wine Pairing Banquet will be held on Friday, 11 October at Haorizi Banquet at Wo Che Plaza in Sha Tin. Walter Kei and chefs from Haorizi Banquet will use their ingenuity to concoct eight creative dishes, including Smoked Drunken Pigeon, Scrambled Egg White with Crab Meat and Japanese Poached Egg Tinged with Italian Vinegar, Golden-fried Stuffed Crab Claw, and Double Boiled Chicken with Sea Whelk and Pork. Each dish will be paired with Old World wines from every major region for an incredible foodie experience.       

The dinner will be a rare opportunity to hear food experiences from the dinner's host and renowned famous food-related TV programme emcee, Kam Kong, together with Walter Kei. As they walk guests through the culinary tour, there will also be an impromptu magic performance. Customers who wish to participate can purchase tickets online for HK$450 or earn tickets by shopping at designated shopping malls of The Link. Between 2 and 30 September, customers who make accumulated spending up to HK$2,000 can earn one ticket to the Wine Pairing Banquet; customers who spend more than HK$3,500 can earn two tickets. (A minimum of 3 but not more than 8 computer-generated receipts from different shops are required) The more you buy, the more there is to enjoy! Tickets are available while stock lasts.        

Walter Kei will also partner with additional restaurants at Wo Che Plaza and Hin Keng Shopping Centres, adding new elements to their current dishes to create a line of cross-over dishes, available from 2 September. Food lovers should not miss out!
Haorizi Banquet   
Address: Shop no. 229, 2/F, Wo Che Plaza, Sha Tin 
Tel:2693 2228

Scrambled Egg White with Crab Meat Paired with Zhenjiang Vinegar
Master Chef presents scrambled egg white with crab meat dipped in Zhenjiang vinegar – a fragrant and delicious dish.
Crispy Chicken Tenders in Southeast Asian Style
Tasty crispy chicken tenders served with savoury curry powder bring you on an unbeatable taste journey.
Golden Fried Assorted Seafood and Mango Roll
Diced mango paired with seafood brings you unparalleled freshness and sweetness.

Classic in Shun Tak  
Address: Shop no. 251-252 & 254-255, 2/F Wo Che Plaza, Sha Tin
Tel: 2330 0023

Wai Kee Kitchen 
Address: Cooked Food Stall no.9,G/F, Wo Che Estate, Sha Tin
Tel: 2606 0448

Steamed Milk with Oat and Red Bean
This dish originates from Daliang in the Shunde district of Foshan and consists of the healthy combination of steamed milk with crispy oats and red beans.
Assorted Clam with Rice Noodles in Western Style
A bistro-style fusion dish combining Western spices and Hong Kong style is ready to serve.
Hong Kong-Style Glutinous Rice Balls with Iced Caramel Banana
This dish combines glutinous rice balls, a traditional Chinese dessert, and adds iced bananas in a nod to Western style.

Sam Wo Kitchen (三和小廚)
Address: No. 224, 2/F, Wing A, Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Tai Wai, Sha Tin 
Tel: 2692 8182

Kam Shing Kitchen (金城小廚)
Address: Cooked Food Stall No.1-8, Hin Keng Shopping Centre, Tai Wai, Sha Tin
Tel: 2681 2212
Handmade Stuffed Prawn Balls with Melted Cheese
Handmade prawn balls stuffed with savoury melted cheese give you a tasty surprise.
Fresh Prawn in Spicy Sesame Sauce
Savoury spice blends with sesame in this Hong Kong typhoon shelter-style dish.

Lucky Draw – Win travel vouchers worth HK$35,000      

Shoppers who accumulate receipts at designated shopping centres worth at least HK$150 (maximum 2 computer-generated receipts) between 15 October and 15 November can participate in the lucky draw for a chance to win travel vouchers of a total value of HK$35,000. The trips allow winners to travel to locations around the globe to enjoy a wide range of different cuisines.

Recipe Cards – Creative dishes that inspire the imagination      

Walter Kei will personally design special recipes that are simple, creative and fun to make. Recipe cards will be distributed for free at designated shopping malls of The Link beginning on 2 September. There will be more than twenty recipe cards printed in Chinese, English and Indonesian that are easy for foodies to collect. Customers can collect cards at customer service desks at any designated shopping mall.

12 Participating Shopping Centres of the Link in Shatin District

Chun Shek Shopping Centre Sha Kok Commercial Centre
Hin Keng Shopping Centre Sui Wo Court Commercial Centre
Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre Sun Chui Shopping Centre
Lek Yuen Plaza Sun Tin Wai Commercial Centre
Lung Hang Commerical Centre Wo Che Plaza
Mei Lam Commercial Centre Yu Chui Shopping Centre

The Link Customer Service hotline: 3618 0080 (9am – 8pm, Monday to Sunday)
The Link Customer Website: www.thelink.com.hk
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