06 Oct 2011

Shoppers Welcome Launch of the Dah Sing Link Happy Visa Card

Dah Sing Bank (the “Bank”) and The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) have joined together to launch the Dah Sing The Link Happy Visa Card (Happy Card), offering a new shopping platform and rewards for shoppers while creating new business opportunities for merchants. As service-oriented companies, both the Bank and The Link are highly experienced in serving the community and have deep knowledge of the consumer market in Hong Kong.
Dah Sing The Link Happy Classic Visa  
Dah Sing The Link Happy Platinum Card
The Happy Card will launch at six shopping centres of The Link, including Lok Fu Plaza, Lung Cheung Plaza, Wong Tai Sin Plaza, Hau Tak Shopping Centre, Chung Fu Plaza and Cheung Fat Plaza. More shopping centres will join in the Happy Card promotion in accordance with their respective asset enhancement programmes. 
To encourage more merchants of The Link to become Happy Merchants, the Bank is offering credit card sign-up privileges, including:
-Special merchant discount rate of 1.9%
-Special monthly fee as low as HK$99; and
-Waiver on card terminal installation fee and deposit as well as the minimum monthly charge
Being a Happy Merchant in the Happy Card programme allows shop operators to offer customers a convenient way of spending and thereby encourage more purchases. Merchants who wish to join the Happy Merchant scheme are welcome to call the service hotline 2828 8509 for enrolment information.

Five Tips for Daily Spending
1. Look for the "Happy Merchant" symbol to earn an extra rebate
Holders of Happy Cards spending at a Happy Merchant will be rewarded with a cash rebate of up to 3X.  Small everyday spending can bring unexpected big rewards.
Cardholders can get an updated Happy Merchant list instantly by scanning the QR code with their mobile phone.
2. Additional free parking offers for spending with Happy Card at the malls
Spending a specified amount at the malls of The Link will be rewarded with one-hour additional free parking.
3. Double rewards with hourly or monthly car parking
1st reward: When paying hourly car park fees with the Happy Card, the cardholder can earn a cash rebate of up to 3X.
2nd reward: When paying monthly car park fees through Direct Debit Authorisation Service with the Happy Platinum Card, the cardholder can earn a HK$35 cash rebate for monthly spending of over HK$3,500.
4. Extra cash rebate for other retail spending
When making purchases with the Happy Card at other retail merchants, the cardholder can also earn a basic cash rebate (for every HK$25 in each transaction, HK$0.1 cash will be rebated).
5. Extra cash rebate for birthday spending
When spending with the Happy Card on the cardholder’s birthday, the cardholder will be awarded with an extra 1X cash rebate!
Happy Card Promotion
To promote the Happy Card concept of “Little spending in daily living, great happiness in life!”, popular artiste Louisa So (Ah So) was invited to endorse the Happy Card.  Her image in the pursuit of happy and enjoyable living is a perfect match with the Happy Card.  Ah So is featured in a series of promotions, including video, mall decorations and posters.
For the convenience of customers, applications for the Happy Card can be made at the promotion counters at the six participating shopping malls of The Link, in addition to all branches of The Bank, including the three branches at The Link’s shopping centres: Lok Fu Plaza, Chung Fu Plaza and Cheung Fat Plaza.
Fabulous Welcome Gift
From now until 30 September 2012 (the promotional period), customers can choose one of the following welcome gifts upon successful application of the Happy Card.
A. Rasonic Thermo Pot 
B. Rasonic Compact Induction Cooker with Pot 
C. HK$300 Cash Rebate 
D. Up to HK$60,000 Interest-Free Cash Instalment Plan
Mr Tsu-Hing Wong, Chief Executive of Dah Sing Banking Group Limited said, ”Dah Sing Bank has been dedicated to serving the Hong Kong community as a community bank serving the population. We share the same mission of The Link in ‘partnering with local communities and serving the community around us’, and that has driven our strategic partnership in launching the ‘Dah Sing The Link Happy Visa Card’.  The ‘Dah Sing The Link Happy Visa Card’ will provide shoppers with a brand new spending platform and special offers.  We aim to encourage more spending by customers at The Link’s shopping centres and thereby increase the turnover of the shop operators as well as patronage. In the days ahead, we will work closely with The Link to launch more promotions and shopping offers at their shopping malls.”
Mr George Hongchoy, Chief Executive Officer of The Link, said, “The shopping centres of The Link have been serving the daily needs of the public. Many of them come for shopping and dining. Over the years, we have improved the shopping environment through our asset enhancement projects.  We are very pleased with the strategic collaboration with Dah Sing Bank in launching the Happy Card.  This card fully exemplifies our mission of serving the community, being a good match with the spending patterns of the customers of our shopping centres and offering them exceptionally attractive offers, while creating new business opportunities for the merchants.
Note: Please refer to the leaflet for details of the promotion offers, welcome gifts, spending requirements, and terms and conditions for use. 
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