30 Jan 2013

Southside Glass Recycling Initiative at Stanley Plaza

On Sunday 27 January, a reception was held at Stanley Plaza to celebrate the successful conclusion of the Southside Glass Recycling Initiative. Launched on 1 December 2012, the Southside Glass Recycling Initiative organised by Green Glass Green and fully supported by The Link Management Limited (The Link) and The Hong Kong Dumper Truck Drivers Association. Volunteer support came from the USA Girl Scouts Overseas – Hong Kong and Boy Scouts of America Troop 1.  Due to the overwhelming response, this initiative received extra funding through a special grant for project sustainability by the Southern District Council, allowing the programme to be extended until the end of February 2013.
The Southside Glass Recycling Initiative is an environmental protection pilot project sponsored by Southern District Council and the Environmental Protection Department. The project brings together local residents, civil organisations and the business community to provide new options for glass recycling. 
The community collection point at Stanley Plaza operated from 1 December 2012 to 31 January 2013 daily to collect unused glass bottles for recycling. Within a short period of 2 months, this project has been well-received with 20,000 glass bottles collected, 7.4 tons of glass in total.
Ms Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link, said, “The Link has put a lot of effort in promoting this meaningful project by  providing space for recycling bins at Stanley Plaza and extra training for frontline staff. To well support this initiative, we coordinated and encouraged not only restaurants at Stanley Plaza and Murray House, but also the larger areas in Stanley, including shops at Stanley Main Street for participation. Furthermore, we promoted to public the awareness of glass recycling through our quarterly publication in Southern district. 
“We are delighted about the positive results of this project which was well received by tenants and the public. As an environmentally-friendly shopping mall, Stanley Plaza is keen to provide continuous support of the bottle recycling project and we hope to gain further support from Southern district residents and customers on our green projects.” 
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