05 Mar 2013

Southside Glass Recycling Initiative Collects 46,000 Bottles

The Link Management Limited (“The Link”) has supported the Southside Glass Recycling Initiative since December 2012. On 2 March, the results of the initiative were announced at a reception held at Stanley Plaza with Ms Christine Loh, the Under Secretary for the Environment, Mrs Chan, Southern District Council Representative and Miss Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link in attendance to introduce Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department.

The Southside Glass Recycling Initiative is an environmental protection pilot project sponsored by the Southern District Council and the Environmental Protection Department. It aims to establish a new model for glass recycling through collaboration with the local population, civil organisations and businesses. At Stanley Plaza, the central collection point of the programme, recycling facilities have been placed in different spots of the shopping centre to collect empty glass bottles from the residence, bars and restaurants nearby. As of February 2013, 46,000 glass bottles have been collected, amounting to 13.74 tonnes of glass.  Due to the positive response received from all stakeholders, the programme has received additional funding from the Southern District Council and will be extended to March. Since glass is a completely recyclable material, the glass bottles collected are to be used for the production of eco-blocks.

At the programme’s reception, Under Secretary for the Environment Ms Christine Loh introduced Hong Kong’s waste management plan and its future directions, which echo the vision of the Southside Glass Recycling Initiative.

Miss Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of The Link, said, “In support of the Southside Glass Recycling Initiative, The Link’s Stanley Plaza has contributed by setting up a number of recycling boxes, encouraging the owners of shops and restaurants at Stanley Plaza, Murray House and along Stanley Main Street to participate, providing training to our frontline staff, and promoting the programme via Stanley Plaza’s publications with extended coverage.  Through such efforts, we hope to help the community develop good recycling habits and embody the sustainability and low-carbon lifestyle advocated by The Link.  In the future, The Link shall continue to support this meaningful initiative.”

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