16 May 2013

Special Offers for Mother’s and Father’s Day

16 May 2013 (Hong Kong) – In celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, The Link has published a promotional pamphlet which introduces various shopping centres targeted at family shoppers. In addition to showcasing the features of each shopping mall, the campaign has also gained the support from various tenants by offering different kinds of shopping and dining privileges to shoppers, allowing families to celebrate with Mom and Dad while enjoying their shopping experience.
Redemption of free gift upon spending HK$50 or more

Upon spending HK$50 or more at any of the 10 designated shopping centres of The Link by presenting a receipt and the redemption coupon attached in the promotional pamphlet, customers can collect a complimentary special gift while stocks last.
The promotional period will last till 30 June. Participating shopping centres include Tsz Wan Shopping Centre, Chuk Yuen Plaza, Tai Yuen Market, Tai Wo Plaza, Wo Che Plaza, Lek Yuen Plaza, Cheung Fat Plaza, Fu Tung Plaza, Tin Yiu Plaza and Tin Shui Shopping Centre.
Presenting the features of each shopping mall for you and your family


<Wo Che Plaza and Lek Yuen Plaza>, where
fine food and general merchandise are just around the corner.


  • • Wo Che Plaza brings together all kinds of food and a wide range of
  •   shopping options, providing customers with a destination for one-stop
  •   dining and leisure activities.
    • Modern Lek Yuen Plaza delivers varied retail and dining choices, ranging
  •   from Chinese and Western cuisines to daily home necessities,
  •   accessories and electrical appliances. General merchandise is all readily
  •   available there.​



<Cheung Fat Plaza and Fu Tung Plaza> good place for learning and recreation​

  • • Cheung Fat Plaza features a number of quality education centres for
  •   parents to cultivate diversified development for their children while
  •   enhancing their interest in learning. It offers everything you need, such as
  •   bookstores and amusement centres for children, and all kinds of food.
    • Fu Tung Plaza provides residents with every daily needs, such as food,
  •   stylish clothes and household goods. It’s a good place for one-stop
  •   shopping and leisure activities.​



<Tin Shui Shopping Centre and Tin Yiu Plaza> are new and lively shopping destinations.​

  • • Tin Shui Shopping Centre provides bike and bike tools lending services. It
  •   also features different types of sports stores, delivering a variety of options
  •   for active customers.
    • Tin Yiu Plaza features all kinds of retail outlets for apparel, accessories
  •   and cosmetics, as well as daily necessities, food and beverages. It
  •   provides you with a new leisure and shopping experience in a relaxed
  •   environment.​



<Tai Yuen Market and Tai Wo Plaza> make life better.​

  • • Tai Yuen Market boasts a new design look following the completion of its enhancement project. It is a hygienic and clean street market, offering a  comfortable shopping environment for customers. Together with a wide range of shops, customers can also enjoy a new experience for one-stop food purchases at the fresh market.
    • Tai Wo Plaza has a number of specialty restaurants and fashion accessory
  •   stores, providing customers with a comprehensive shopping experience.​



<Chuk Yuen Plaza and Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre> offer a wide range of fine foods and general merchandise.​

  • • Chuk Yuen Plaza brings together Chinese and Western cuisines as well as
  •   trendy goods, creating a pleasant environment for a wonderful shopping
  •   experience.
    • Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre provides varied shopping and dining options
  •   with diversified major retail outlets for stylish clothes, household goods,
  •   electrical products and family entertainment centre to cater for the various
  •   needs of customers.​
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