20 Jun 2015

Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships celebrate with Stanley Plaza Seaside Market

Visitors to the annual Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships and the Stanley Plaza Seaside Market shared the festive atmosphere with the over 3,800 athletes who gathered at Stanley to show their skills and determination to win the coveted Championships.
This year marks The Link’s fourth consecutive year to support the ‘Stanley Plaza Mixed Division’ and the ‘Stanley Plaza Mixed Gold Cup’ of the Championships. The Link’s staff formed its own dragon boat team, ‘The Link’, to show their support and compete in the races. Andy Cheung, Chief Financial Officer of The Link, officiated the Opening Ceremony and B.C. Lo, Director of Corporate Communications and External Relations, presented the awards to the winning teams at the Prize Presentation Ceremony. Mr. Lo said, “I am delighted to be part of today and the exciting atmosphere of the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships.  We also are proud to sponsor the Stanley Plaza Seaside Market which not only to promote the next generation of local young entrepreneurs but also to stage a special festival for all visitors to Stanley over this weekend.”
Stanley Plaza Seaside Market Brought Special Energy to the Festival
The Stanley Plaza Seaside Market, jointly held by The Link and the Hong Kong Markets Organisation during the weekend, offered visitors a special seaside shopping experience with nearly 50 outdoor market stalls and multiple demonstrations that showcased various artistic specialities. Visitors also enjoyed in the aqua-fantasy themed experience by uncovering the invisible graffiti hidden around Stanley Plaza with a splash of water. The invisible graffiti will be on show throughout summer for Plaza visitors to unveil its mystery!
For more details, please visit The Link’s Customer Website: www.thelink.com.hk
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