23 Jun 2012

Stanley Plaza Dragon Boat Summer Jam Celebration


The Link sponsored for the first time the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships at Stanley Main Beach, in addition to sending staff teams to participate in this international event. Under the sponsorship, two major races were named after Stanley Plaza, The Link’s flagship property. They were the Stanley Plaza Mixed Division and Stanley Plaza Gold Cup Final.

On 23 and 24 June, The Link also held the Dragon Boat Summer Jam, capitalizing on the popularity of the Dragon Boat Festival with entertainment and special offers for local residents and tourists. The event follows Stanley Plaza’s popular Sunday Summer Jam, held over four consecutive Sundays, showcasing performances by international musicians and musical groups.

The Dragon Boat Summer Jam featured African drum, can-can and samba dance performances, as well as singers and bands from Hong Kong and overseas, including Quatro Ritmo, Azucar Latina, The Bollands and popular local band Matchbox. 

The Dragon Boat Summer Jam was supported by the tenants of Stanley Plaza, including AGATHA, a&m US Groceries and Island Wake.  Giveaways such as necklaces, popcorn, and colourful balloons were handed out to visitors. Visitors also received a free pair of flip flops by uploading photos of the Dragon Boat Summer Jam to their Facebook accounts on the day.


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