09 Jun 2016

Stanley Plaza Summer Jam Kicks-off Today

Summer is right on our doorsteps and on this Dragon Boat Festival day there was a spectacular turnout at Stanley Plaza for the live ‘Retro Music Wave.’  With Dancing Queen as the theme for the day, a mix of local residents, visitors and dragon boat racers all joined in the exciting live music performances, bringing the day to a riveting climax. 
Among the fun activities on the day were the Beer Drinking Contest and a Dress-up Competitions, where there were enthusiastic lines of people wanting to take part!  The non-stop music will continue on 11 and 12 June with Movie Music Marathon and Idol Hits. With special shopping benefits and free stick-on tattoos for all, you can be sure the upcoming musical weekend at Stanley Plaza will bring fun times and memories that are new and old.


For details, please visit Linkhk.com.


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