19 Nov 2013

Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music 2013

As part of the “Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival” organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, The Link is hosting the 3rd “Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music” party during four weekends in November and early December at Stanley Plaza. With “fanatic” as the party theme, The Link has invited Kung Fu Music Kitchen “JUMP” SHOW, a martial-arts comedy act from Korea, to perform. In addition, there is a POP-UP BAR offering an international array of special drinks with themes from eight different countries. With a “battle” element new to the event this year, events such as theParty Games Challenge plus an array of exciting programmes such as the Flair Performance, Music and Dancing Performance ensure that visitors to Stanley Plaza become immersed in the interactive fun.

Kung Fu Music Kitchen “JUMP”SHOW brings a K-POP element to Stanley Plaza
The Link has invited Kung Fu Music Kitchen “JUMP” SHOW to perform on 30 November and 1 December for the first time at Stanley Plaza. “JUMP” is a unique boundless non-verbal show from Korea that has performed on Broadway in New York City and has been watched by more than 3.5 million people in South Korea. To align with the theme of Stanley Plaza, K-POP and food elements will be added to the act. The performers will wave special cooking utensils, combining kung fu, martial arts and humorous scenes to incorporate musical and food elements into this interactive show, which will facilitate cultural exchange between the performers and audience members.

World of Food and Music POP-UP BAR
During the event, there will be a POP-UP BAR in the open area of Stanley Plaza, providing eight special drinks with different country themes. Upon spending HK$200, participants are entitled to a free drink to enjoy a range of exotic tastes.

New “battle” element adds excitement to the event
With a new “battle” element this year, the “Party Games Challenge” enables participants of all ages and nationalities to compete head-to-head with one another in the raucous challenge area! Flair performance, exciting music and a dancing performance will be showcased during the challenge, elevating the atmosphere to all new heights. Selected restaurants located at Stanley Plaza and Murray House will also be serving an array of wine and delicacies.

For the convenience of attendees, a round-trip shuttle bus from Tsim Sha Tsui to Stanley has been arranged. For more information, please visit www.stanleyplaza.com.
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