25 Nov 2012

Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music Festival 2012 Ends

World of Food and Music Festival 2012(“WOFAM”) played host by Stanley Plaza for four consecutive weekends in November (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 25th) has come to an end. The competition between the two Junior MasterChef winners from Australia and Finland and the brilliant performance of top Korean musical comedy performers, the Pang Show brought audience with great surprise!
Splendid Performances in WOFAM
Winners from an international TV program “Junior MasterChef” - fifteen-year-old Jack Lark from Australia, the runner-up of Junior MasterChef Australia 2010 and twelve-year-old Ida O’Mahoney from Finland, the winner of Junior MasterChef Finland 2012, competed in the last weekend of November. In order to win the contest, 2 Junior MasterChefs showed their best and prepared dishes with the theme of traditional Hong Kong ingredients, Mantis Shrimp and Tofu.
The stage debut of the top Korean musical comedy show “Pang Show”, transformed from the highly-rated Korean TV series “Kim Tak Ku, The King of Baking” was well-received by the audience too. Dynamic performance was held featuring B-boy dancers, acrobats and magic with frequent interaction with the audience. The show was followed by a burst of applause.
Three world-class celebrity chefs including Executive Chef of Mirror Restaurant - Jeremy Biasiol, Executive Chef of Lupa and Carnevino - Zach Allen and Executive Chef of BCN - Edgar Sanuy Barahona demonstrated their signature dishes in WOFAM. Audience were invited to taste the dishes and positive response was received by the celebrity chefs.  
Last but not least, renowned international bands and professional dancing groups have been performed over the four weekends, bringing music and dancing performances around the world to the event. Hundreds of people participated in the charitable bottle jamming workshop in cooperated by Anastassia’s Art House and the Hong Kong Dog Rescue. Participants enjoyed creating their own art pieces and made donation to Hong Kong Dog Rescue during the workshop.  The workshop echoed with the artfully decorated wine bottles by Hong Kong Tourism Board located at Murray House.
Promoting Stanley to be the Hotspot for Tourists and Hong Kong Residents
Miss Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing, The Link Management Limited, said, “Playing host for WOFAM has successfully boosted up the footfall of Stanley Plaza. What’s more, inviting restaurants located in Stanley Main Street to participate in our event by designing themed-menu with special offers, let us promote Stanley as a hotspot for tourists and local residents. Going forward, we will continue to introduce different promotional campaigns and bring exciting programs to the tourist and Hong Kong residents.”
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