29 Oct 2013

Stanley Plaza's World of Food and Music 2013

As part of the “Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival” organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, The Link will organise the 3rd “Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music” party during 4 weekends in November and early December. The party theme will include a “battle” component, new to the event this year.

During the party, a variety of music and dance shows will be staged by different performers from around the world, including the Korean comedy show JUMP—KUNG FU MUSIC KITCHEN. There will also be a POP-UP BAR offering different special drinks with themes from various countries. Restaurants located at Stanley Plaza and Murray House will also be serving an array of wine and food to complete the “Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music”.

”Party Games Challenge”
With a new “battle” element featuring eight popular international party games, participants are invited to compete head-to-head with one another in the raucous challenge area!

Details of Competition

Date & Time Games
10 November (Sunday)
13:00 – 19:00
Speed Drinking Contest
Boat Race
24 November (Sunday)
13:00 – 19:00
Speed Drinking Contest
Beer Pong
Flip Cup
30 November (Saturday)
13:00 – 19:00
Speed Drinking Contest
Beer Pushing Game
Beer Ball
1 December (Sunday)
13:00 – 19:00
Speed Drinking Contest
Dizzy Stick
Beer Can Scrabble

Exciting Performances from around the World

To boost the party atmosphere, performers from all over the world will give exciting performances, including one by JUMP—KUNG FU MUSIC KITCHEN from Korea as well as a creative flair performance and music and dance performances.

Events Programme & Details
Date & Time Event Shows
30 November and 1 December (Saturday and Sunday) Korea Kung Fu Comedy
The Korean show JUMP performs comedy with a food element, echoing the wine and food theme to encourage interaction between the audience and performers and spur a lively cultural exchange. 

10 November (Sunday) Creative Flair Performance
Three top flair experts including Ken Lam will perform flair bartending. He will bring different levels of bartending skills including “Rainbow Bartending Skills” and “Waterfall Pouring”. There will also be interaction time to experience bartending.
10, 24 November (Sunday) and 30 November to 1 December (Saturday and Sunday) Band and Dance Performances
Famous bands will perform different styles of music. Professional dancers will invite everyone to dance and sing.


During the event, there will POP-UP BAR in the open area of Stanley Plaza providing eight special drinks with themes from different countries. Restaurants in Stanley Plaza and Murray House are ready to serve different cuisines and desserts, including Chinese, French, German and Indian. Enjoy your weekend alongside the promenade with an international array of wines and delicacies!

8 Special Drinks with Different Countries Themes
Country Special Drink Restaurant Name
India Sunrise in India – Orange juice, Pomegranate syrup Mirch Masala Indian Cuisine
Germany Germany Sweets – Strawberry syrup, Lime juice King Ludwig Beerhall
China Stanley Plaza – Blue Curacao, Lychee syrup, Soda Chung’s Cuisine
Britain England Bubble - Kiwi syrup, Melon juice, Pineapple juice Classified
France Romance France - Grapefruit syrup, Orange juice Chez Patrick
Vietnam Breezing Vietnam – Pineapple juice, Lychee syrup Saigon At Stanley
USA Lost in USA - Violet, syrup and soda New York Fries
Spain Spain Splash - Blue Curacao, Tropical juice, Soda Mijas Spanish Restaurant

Gigantic Wine Bottle Exhibition
The Hong Kong Tourism Board invited international designers to design a gigantic wine bottle for the event, which will be exhibited in Murray House. This unique art piece is definitely worth a visit and a picture.

For details on Stanley Plaza World of Food and Music 2013, please visit thelink.com.hk / stanleyplaza.com.
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