10 Jul 2018

Summer Freeze Thrill’ N’ Chill’ with Ice Slide and -20˚C Cool’gloo at Lok Fu Place

From 12 July to 19 August, experience the coolest ‘Summer Freeze’ at Link’s Lok Fu Place, where a lineup of the coolest fun activities awaits, including the -20˚C Cool’gloo, exhilarating Ice Slide and huge Icebreaker Roller, plus buzzworthy selfie spot ‘Tip of the Iceberg’! Enjoy a heart-warming date with your beloved in the icy scene, or pledge your love to your special lady with dedicated ‘Frozen Heart’ jewellery!

Take a Mind-Blowing Ride on the Ice Slide & Freeze Your Ice-Cool Look in Frame

Warning: you’ll be exposed to frosty gales from a powerful blower as you ride down the exhilarating 6-metre ice slide and let your hair go wild but remember to say ‘cheese  and keep yourself poised. The artic fun continues at the huge Icebreaker Roller, where you team up to deliver ice balls to the goal for a chance to win fabulous prizes; and the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ is the latest check-in and Instaworthy spot for selfie devotees to snap the coolest ‘frozen’ shots!

‘Chill Out’ Arctic Style in the Cool’gloo & Enjoy a Romantic Rendezvous at ‘Snow Lovers’ DIY Workshop

Wanna seek refuge from the blazing summer heat? Make a same-day spending of the designated amount by electronic means to ‘chill out’ in the -20˚C igloo with a priority! And on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can top your enjoyment with complimentary Chillin’ Drinks and/or ‘Frozen Heart’ icy jewellery pieces, or shop more to join the “Snow Lovers” DIY Workshop with your beloved to create a romantic snow scene together in a glass jar!

Terms and conditions apply to the above activities. Link’s Lok Fu Place reserves the right to amend the content without further notice.

For event details, please visit Linkhk.com.

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