21 Oct 2011

Tai Yuen Fresh Market Revitalization wins International Award

The Revitalization of Tai Yuen Fresh Market at Tai Po by the Link Management Limited (“The Link”) wins the Environment Excellence Award of the Asian CSR Awards 2011 organized by the Asian Institute of Management. The Asian CSR Awards are among the top corporate social responsibilities awards in the region.
The Tai Yuen project excelled among 175 entries from 129 companies in 14 countries to win the Award. Judges acknowledged the project as “unique”, appreciating it not only as a face-lift of a decaying public place, but also having added value to the environment with marked impact upon human health and safety, and enriched the local economy. They also recognized that environmental considerations were given to improving the lighting and waste management in the project.
Mr Edward Tse, Director (Project & Development) and Ms Cissy Tsang, Head of Market Development of The Link Management Limited attended the Gala Dinner Ceremony of the 10th Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility in Manila last night to collect the Award.“This project has turned a 30-year old, poorly managed and unhygienic market with low footfall, confused product display, high vacancy rate and low rental income into a chic and preferred destination for customers looking for fresh produce and grocery in a brand new, air-conditioned, vibrant and attractive venue. Customers, tenants and residents alike are proud of this fresh market,” said Mr Tse.
Taking cue from European fresh markets, Tai Yuen Fresh Market adopts a non-conventional, creative and non-linear design that greatly enhances accessibility, permeability and visibility. The passageways that used to be wet and dirty are now tidy and dry. Shoppers are pleased with the “human touch” of the fresh market and with the tidiness comparable to that of a supermarket blended seamlessly in the revamped Tai Yuen Fresh Market.
The Tai Yuen Fresh Market plans to implement an innovative self-contained ecological cycle through the introduction of a food waste composting system. Under this system, food waste is turned into organic fertilizer that is used in organic farming at the roof-top of the market. The organic-produce grown is then sold at the stalls and is used at the cooking studio for on-site cooking demonstrations. Any food waste will then be recycled.
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