19 Aug 2022

Tak Tin Market Reopens, Presenting Innovative “Food Donation Points Membership Programme” with Food Angel

  • Link completed its $73 million asset enhancement project in Tak Tin Market, with a grand opening on 19 August.
  • The asset enhancement embraces the “Unboxing Freshness to bring vibrancy to Tak Tin” concept
  • Link and Food Angel launch the “Food Donation Points Membership Programme” at Tak Tin Market, aiming to collect and donate at least 10 tonnes of fresh ingredients annually


Link Asset Management Limited (Link), the manager of Link Real Estate Investment Trust (Link REIT, Hong Kong stock code: 823), announced the grand opening of its Tak Tin Market today (Friday). Tak Tin Market reopened on 1 August, following a four-month asset enhancement project.

In line with the “Unboxing Freshness to bring vibrancy to Tak Tin” concept, Tak Tin Market has been transformed from a confined space to a brighter and more spacious layout, with nearly 30,000 square feet. Natural daylight is introduced into the market to enhance the sense of space and environmental elements, along with other improvements such as wider walks, refurbished restroom facilities, slip-resistant flooring, and improved air-conditioning to keep the market clean and tidy.

The tenant mix has become more diversified. Link has also redesigned the stall layout for wet goods and dry goods, as well as retail space, with the introduction of Food Corner and featured merchants. After the asset enhancement, the number of stalls increased from 70 to 73. Among them, about half are former tenants returning to Tak Tin Market while more than 10% are new tenants. In addition, about 40% of existing Link tenants expanded their businesses at Tak Tin Market. The wider variety of products now offered at the market better aligns it with the needs of residents of all ages and enhances the neighbourhood shopping experience.

George Hongchoy, Link’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The enhancement project has transformed Tak Tin Market into a community stronghold. Now the fresh market is more than a place for grocery shopping. It’s where the many facets of life unfold and dedicated spaces for leisure and dining are located.”

Link has launched the first-ever digital membership programme for fresh markets at Tak Tin Market, under which members can earn points to redeem for gifts. Tak Tin Market also offers a ground-breaking “Food Donation Points Membership Programme” with Food Angel, allowing members to make food donations with membership points*. In addition to the food recycling initiative that collects food from tenants, it aims to collect and donate at least 10 tonnes of food ingredients from Tak Tin Market. Food Angel will prepare nutritious meals and food packs with donated food ingredients for the underprivileged, promoting a food-wise culture and caring for the needy through food donation.

*Note: Members can donate a pack of vegetables (weighing about two kilograms) with every 100 membership points via the digital membership app. At the end of each month, Link will settle the total donation points and purchase vegetables from the merchants in Tak Tin market for Food Angel.

High-resolution pictures can be downloaded here.



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