04 Dec 2012

The Link Award Ceremony 2012: Round 2 Assessment of Barrier Free Access Award

The Link Award Ceremony 2012 Round 2 was successfully held in late November and the results of “Mystery Shopper Program” were announced in the ceremony. Mr. George Hongchoy, CEO and Mr. Andy Cheung, CFO of The Link Management Limited ("The Link") attended the ceremony as the awards presenters.
The Link’s Mystery Shopper Program was established in 2011 with the objective to enhance shopping experience for customers. The program also serves to recognize the achievement of frontline staff. The judging criteria of the program includes the facilities of the shopping malls like common area, washroom, lift/ escalator, customer service counter, fire safety facilities and access while customer service level of customer service ambassador, security guard, cleaner and fitter is also taken into account. 
The Link’s Mystery Shopper Program is firstly extended to an assessment of Barrier Free Access (“BFA”) facilities and customer services for the disabled in FY 2012/13. Trainings have been arranged for the frontline staff before the assessment and close to 90% of the shopping centres met the requirement.
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