19 Mar 2012

‘The Link x Secret Tour – Link the Tastes in Shatin’


Among the great number of restaurants at The Link’s portfolio of retail facilities, many have been serving their respective neighbourhoods for years. They are an integral part of Hong Kong’s culture, each with a fascinating story to tell that reflects Hong Kong people’s way of life of and the city’s enterprising spirit.

Discover traditional tastes at the Link’s unique restaurants
To help the public discover these long-serving local restaurants, The Link has joined with an operator of alternative local tours —  The Secret Tour — to organise The Link x Secret Tour – Link the Tastes in Shatin. During the tour, visitors will be able to explore local eateries in The Link’s network and get to know their history.
During a media preview arranged on 17 March 2012,  a group of young adults from diverse backgrounds visited four of The Link’s restaurants in Shatin, including Chan Kun Kee (陳根記) and Nam Shing Ice cream (南城雪糕屋) at Wo Che Plaza, and Hang Yuen Café (恆園茶餐廳) and Shing Kee Noodle (盛記麵家) at Lek Yuen Plaza. To conclude the tour, all participants were invited to share their feelings on a pair of white sneakers and capture their memories for a time capsule.
Discover great tastes to reveal the hidden gems of food culture
Ms Hilda Wong, Head of Marketing of the Link Management Limited, said, "We hope all participants enjoyed this journey to Shatin and their visits to the unique restaurants in The Link’s network, allowing new generations to experience the journey and treasure the traditional tastes and unique experiences. Together with the Link’s newly launched restaurant guide Link the Tastes, a powerful referral for The Link’s unique restaurants, we hope to promote these restaurants to all Hong Kong people and the city’s hidden gems of food culture.”
The traditional white sneakers with commemorative messages will be displayed in The Link’s shopping centres at an exhibition. A public tour will be arranged on 21 April 2012.
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