02 Oct 2015

Tin Shing Market promotes more healthy food options

In its continued efforts to enhance its shopping facilities and ‘Link People to a Brighter Future’, Link Asset Management Limited (Link) is carrying out asset enhancement works at Tin Shing Market. The revitalised Tin Shing Market is destined to become one of the largest fresh markets in Tin Shui Wai District, providing local residents with abundant food choices.

Scheduled to open in two stages around Christmas and Chinese New Year, the revitalised Tin Shing Market has doubled in size from 8,000 sq. ft. to over 17,000 sq. ft. with over 110 stalls.
Myron Ng, Assistant General Manager - Fresh Market Asset Management of Link, said, “The asset enhancement works at Tin Shing Market makes reference to good practices in other international fresh markets. We are introducing new methods of operation, as well as diversified products and services.”
Meticulous architectural design with reconfigured layout
The new Tin Shing Market adopts the design concept of ‘green leisure living’ that reflects the architectural style of Continental European markets. The renovated design is clean and simple with the use of a natural colour scheme, highlighted with a blue tone to accent the market’s seafood section. In the reconfigured layout, each section is neatly defined, entrances are relocated and paths are rerouted to ensure ease of access and orientation. The main entrance’s width is increased to nine metres across and Barrier-Free Access facilities are installed to accommodate the needs of disabled persons as well as customers using strollers.
Specialised sections offering gourmet food options
The revitalised market designates a range of specialised sections to meet the needs of local residents. To cater for those who work outside the district and return home late for dinner, a late night snack street offers various cooked food choices at stand-up meal counters. Other sections include the SOHO area, which offers a wide variety of food delights, a seafood section and a soup ingredient section, providing quality food choices such as chemical-free freshwater fish and organic fruits free of wax coating and pesticides. (Please refer to Tin Shing Market fact sheet for details.)
In addition, a number of tenants will set up discount corners at their stalls, offering daily selections at special prices, ranging from fruits and vegetables to fish and fresh meat.
Innovative services to inspire a brand new shopping experience
A range of innovative services at Tin Shing Market are currently under consideration, such as the introduction of e-ordering service for busy customers who do not have time to physically shop at the market, through which they place orders online and pick up their purchases at the market at a later time.

Tin Shing Market Factsheet.pdf


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