22 Jul 2022

T.O.P Launches “T.O.P x Mr n Mrs Moon - Super Chill Luxury Tour”

  • 5 hilarious photo spots to recreate Mr and Mrs Moon’s Instagram “chill” scenes
  • Limited-edition Mr n Mrs Moon-themed desserts and instant photo selfie booth
  • 4 exclusive and limited-edition “Super Chill Luxury Souvenirs”, as well as exclusive WhatsApp stickers and playful mobile wallpapers


T.O.P This is Our Place (“T.O.P”), a well-known gathering place for stylish shoppers and diners in Mong Kok, has partnered with the cartoon couple Mr n Mrs Moon to hold the “T.O.P x Mr n Mrs Moon.Super Chill Luxury Tour” – the first exhibition of Mr n Mrs Moon in Hong Kong – for the ultimate “Chill” season from 22 July to 18 September.

The characters of Mr n Mrs Moon are based on and created by the real-life Mrs Moon, a popular local animation designer born in the 1990s. Since debuting less than a year ago, the animated characters’ Instagram page has already attracted more than 100,000 followers. Through 3D animation, Mrs Moon shares the couple’s hilarious daily life over the course of their 14-year relationship, spanning a range of relatable topics – from the ups and downs of dating to marriage in the exhibition.

“T.O.P x Mr. n Mrs Moon ‧ Super Chill Luxury Tour” invites fans to “meet” the playful moon-faced couple through a unique shopping and dining experience at T.O.P that promises to deliver a “Chill” and memorable summer! There are five designated hilarious photo spots include the gigantic three-metre-tall giant “Mr n Mrs Moon Couple” at Rooftop Garden on the 5th floor, the illuminated “Moon Goddess” in the atrium, the “Black Hole of Sofa” on the 1st floor, and the two photo walls “Sinful Slimming Pavilion” and “Mr n Mrs Moon Fans Gathering Spot” on the 2nd floor. Don’t miss this unique chance to get up close and personal with your favourite animated couple!

Meanwhile, T.O.P has partnered with Mr n Mrs Moon to launch four exclusive limited-edition “Super Chill Luxury Souvenirs” in two phases, including “Activating Soju Glass”, “Soothing Drawstring Bag”, “Flawless Full Moon Puzzle” and “Untroubled Face Round Carpet” for redemption upon spending the designated amount. In addition, T.O.P has launched special themed mobile wallpapers and WhatsApp stickers, and is collaborating with merchants to launch limited- edition themed menus and selfie booth. Sign up to join the “Super Chill Luxury Tour” and learn to be a “chill” Moon fan!

Programme is subject to change without prior notice.

For more details, please visit http://www.topmrnmrs.com

High-res images: shorturl.at/imOTX

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About T.O.P This is Our Place

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