15 Jul 2020

Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre Steps Up Cleaning and Disinfection

Since Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre and its adjacent fresh market were visited by people with confirmed COVID-19 in the recent past, Link Asset Management Limited (Link) has augmented the regular cleaning and disinfection tasks with additional measures to ensure public health safety.

These extra measures, which began last weekend, include the following:

  • Disinfectant fogging was conducted throughout the shopping centre on Sunday (12 July) and at the fresh market on Saturday (11 July).
  • Deep cleaning has been conducted at the fresh market and restaurants visited by COVID-19 patients. The restaurants concerned have been closed, while all visitors to the fresh market are required to wear face masks and conduct temperature checks.
  • On Monday (13 July), Link distributed collection bottles to enable tenants, contractors and staff of the shopping centre and market operators to collect deep throat saliva specimens. The collected bottles were subsequently returned to the Centre for Health Protection for testing.
  • Additional cleaning staff was deployed from Monday (13 July) and high-traffic facilities in the shopping centre is disinfected with 1:49 diluted bleach every two hours.
  • On Wednesday (15 July), the shopping centre’s hygiene contractor began disinfecting the air filters in the public air conditioning system, while increasing the inflow of fresh air to improve ventilation within the mall. Since Wednesday night, the air-conditioning system has been supplying fresh air continuously for 48 hours to help improve ventilation.
  • Another round of disinfectant fogging will take place this Friday (17 July) night. 

During the disinfectant fogging procedures, the premises’ 24-hours public passageway will be closed temporarily.

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