12 Aug 2014

Unique Tin Shui Market Reopens Creating a Community Hub

After a two-month enhancement project, Tin Shui Market in Tin Shui Wai reopened in early July, having completed its transformation into a modern fresh market that meets the needs of nearby residents and preserves and sustains Hong Kong’s unique fresh market culture. In addition, the enhanced market has been transformed into a community hub.

Innovative concept creates surprises for shoppers

Similar to other enhanced fresh markets of The Link, the renovation project of Tin Shui Market has adopted ideas from fresh markets around the world, including opening up and uncluttering the stall layout, upgrading the market’s hardware and introducing a range of modern, innovative services that redefine the perception of fresh markets. These services include:

(1) Market DJ: Uses an interactive way to help tenants promote their goods and provide residents with information about the latest discounts.
(2) Electronic membership system: A new reward card scheme that provides a convenient shopping experience for nearby residents. To encourage customers to shop in the market, they can also earn bonus points to redeem gifts.
(3) Helping tenants improve their marketing and promotion skills: Management staff will share publicity and promotion skills with tenants in person to hone their business skills and develop market awareness.
(4) Introduction of Octopus Facilities: Bringing convenience to shoppers while enhancing the operation efficiency of tenants.
(5) Price monitoring committee: The committee ensures food prices in the market are competitive within the community, attracting residents to shop in the market.

Revitalising fresh market culture and supporting sustainable development of the community

The Link is devoted to revitalising fresh market culture by operating its markets in innovative and creative ways. “As the owner of approximately 90 fresh markets in Hong Kong, The Link plays a significant role in promoting and preserving Hong Kong’s unique fresh market culture,” said George Hongchoy, CEO of The Link, at today’s opening ceremony. “In addition to working to improve the overall environment of our markets to better serve the community, our other goal was to enhance community cohesion by creating a neighbourhood hub of activity and commerce.”

“We hope to turn Tin Shui Market into a ‘Unique Fresh Market of Hong Kong’ – a local landmark  that attracts both Tin Shui Wai residents and people from other districts,” said Jackie Ling, CEO of Uni-China Group Holdings Limited.

The revamped Tin Shui Market has already experienced an increase in footfall, contributing to an approximately 50% increase in patronage and a 50% increase in sales, which demonstrates the success of asset enhancement project.

“The revamped market is clean and tidy. We have experienced increased business from the higher footfall, with customers coming from within the neighbourhood and from other districts,” Mr Tsang from Wing Fung grocery shop said.

Ms Yuen, a shopper, said, “Tin Shui Market is cleaner than before, and there are more food choices now. The weekly specials are also very attractive.”

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