22 Aug 2014

Youth Outreach Joins in Presenting International Hip Hop Events

With the sponsorship and support of The Link Together Initiatives, Youth Outreach’s School of Hip Hop has expanded its outreach programme, which seeks out at-risk teens and helps them change their lives through the teaching of hip hop dance. A series of hip hop events and competitions will be held before the end of the summer to engage teenage hip hop lovers, giving them the chance to perform on an international stage.

Expanding the outreach programme to help more at-risk teens
The Link Together Initiatives supported Youth Outreach to purchase a new outreach vehicle in September 2013 and expanded its outreach programme to reach more young night drifters in New Territories West (Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai). Among the more than 10,000 teenagers reached so far, nearly half are aged 15 or below. Outreach plays an important role since the risk and need for social worker intervention are higher for these kids. Youths who are engaged by the outreach programme will be provided with appropriate counselling and will learn hip hop dance at Youth Outreach’s School of Hip Hop, which will help them live a healthier life with confidence.

Series of dance competitions broadens local dancers’ horizons
In order to provide platforms for local young dancers to compete with one another, at the end of August, The Link will partner with Youth Outreach to launch a series of local and international hip hop dance competitions (trailer: http://youtu.be/TKqJ-f58oN4). The competitions, which also serve as a cultural exchange platform, give local youths the opportunity to enjoy the performance of world-renowned hip hop dancers, and enable tourists to experience local street dance culture. BBoy Focus, a famous dancer from Finland, has been invited as the judge this year. Sponsored by The Link, winners of the two-day hip hop dance competition held at Stanley Plaza will have the chance to step onto the international stage by participating in New Taipei BBoyCity (http://newtaipeibboycity.tw/home_en.html), an international hip hop contest held in November in Taiwan!


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