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94 projects
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invested since April 2011

Our business strategy is to acquire, enhance and hold quality assets which can synergise with and strengthen our portfolio. With our home in Hong Kong, we are interested in opportunities in Hong Kong, the tier-one cities in Mainland China and their surrounding river delta area or other markets where suitable opportunities arise. Optimising portfolio value and asset performance, we seek to bring about exceptional customer experience and thriving businesses for our tenants.


(Note: As at 30 September 2022, the total valuation of investment properties, plus 50% value of Qibao Vanke Plaza, 49.9% value in the prime office portfolio in Sydney and Melbourne, and the agreed property value in Mainland China logistics assets in Changshu which was announced on 12 May 2022, on a pro-forma basis.)


Property 100 Market Street 126 Phillip Street 151 Clarence Street 347 Kent Street 388 George Street 567 Collins Street Chai Wan Car Service Centre Dongguan Warehouse Foshan Warehouse Happy Valley Shopping Mall Hung Hom Car Service Centre Link CentralWalk Link Plaza · Guangzhou Link Plaza · Jingtong Link Plaza ⋅ ZGC Link Square Lok Fu Place Qibao Vanke Plaza Queen Victoria Building Stanley Plaza T Town T.O.P This is Our Place / 700 Nathan Road Temple Mall The Cabot The Galeries The Quayside The Strand Arcade TKO Gateway Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre TKO Spot Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre Butterfly Plaza Cheung Fat Plaza Cheung On Estate Retail and Car Park Cheung Wah Shopping Centre Cheung Wang Estate Retail and Car Park Ching Wah Court Retail and Car Park Choi Ming Shopping Centre Choi Wan Commercial Complex Choi Yuen Plaza Chuk Yuen Plaza Chung On Shopping Centre Fu Heng Shopping Centre Fu Shin Shopping Centre Fu Tai Shopping Centre Fu Tung Plaza Fung Tak Shopping Centre Heng On Commercial Centre Hin Keng Shopping Centre Hing Tung Shopping Centre Hing Wah Plaza Hiu Lai Shopping Centre Hoi Fu Shopping Centre Homantin Plaza Hong Pak Court Retail and Car Park Hong Shui Court Retail and Car Park Hong Yat Court Retail and Car Park Hung Hom Estate Retail and Car Park Kai Tin Shopping Centre Kin Sang Shopping Centre Ko Chun Court Retail and Car Park Ko Yee Estate Retail and Car Park Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre Kwong Yuen Shopping Centre Lei Yue Mun Plaza Lek Yuen Plaza Leung King Plaza Lok Nga Court Retail and Car Park Lok Wah (South) Estate Retail and Car Park Lok Wah Commercial Centre Long Ping Commercial Centre Lung Hang Commercial Centre Maritime Bay Mei Lam Commercial Centre Nam Cheong Estate Retail and Car Park Nam Cheong Place Nan Fung Plaza Oi Man Plaza Oi Tung Shopping Centre Ping Tin Shopping Centre Po Hei Court Commercial Centre Po Lam Shopping Centre Po Tat Shopping Centre Sam Shing Commercial Centre Sau Mau Ping (III) Estate Retail and Car Park Sha Kok Commercial Centre Shun Lee Commercial Centre Shun On Commercial Centre Siu Sai Wan Plaza Sun Chui Shopping Centre Tai Hing Commercial Centre Tai Wo Plaza Tai Yuen Commercial Centre Tak Tin Plaza Tin Chak Shopping Centre Tin Shing Shopping Centre Tin Shui Shopping Centre Tin Tsz Shopping Centre Tin Wah Estate Retail and Car Park Tin Wang Court Retail and Car Park Tin Yat Estate Retail and Car Park Tin Yiu Plaza Tong Ming Court Retail and Car Park Tsui Ping North Shopping Circuit Tsui Ping South Estate Car Park Tsui Wan Estate Retail and Car Park Tsz Oi Court Retail and Car Park Tung Tau Estate Retail and Car Park Un Chau Shopping Centre Wan Tsui Shopping Centre Wo Che Plaza Wo Ming Court Retail and Car Park Yan Ming Court Retail and Car Park Yat Tung Shopping Centre Yin Lai Court Shopping Centre Ying Fuk Court Retail and Car Park Yiu On Shopping Centre Yiu Tung Shopping Centre Yu Chui Shopping Centre Ching Wang Court Car Park Chuk Yuen (North) Estate Car Park Fung Lai Court Car Park Hong Keung Court Car Park Ka Tin Court Car Park Kam On Court Car Park Kin Ming Estate Car Park King Lai Court Car Park Kwai Hong Court Car Park Lai On Estate Car Park Lower Wong Tai Sin (I) Estate Car Park Ming Nga Court Car Park Ning Fung Court Car Park Pang Ching Court Car Park Po Pui Court Car Park San Wai Court Car Park Sau Mau Ping (I) Estate Car Park Tin King Estate Car Park Tin Yau Court Car Park Tin Yuet Estate Car Park Tsz Man Estate Car Park Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate Car Park Wah Lai Estate Car Park Wang Fuk Court Car Park Yee Kok Court Car Park Yee Nga Court Car Park Ying Ming Court Car Park Yue On Court Car Park
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