Business as Mutual

Business as Mutual is Link's forward-looking mindset to achieve long-term business sustainability through dynamic engagement with stakeholders

We are living in an era of historic change, which necessitates business to evolve. At Link, we recognise the best approach to address contemporary challenges—from local issues such as waste management to global agenda like climate change—is to align the efforts of multiple stakeholders. By doing so, we can better identify the risks, opportunities and the broader social expectations on common material issues with our stakeholders, which enables more informed decision making and strategic feedback. This approach is critical for us to maximising value creation and achieving long-term business sustainability, which we call Business as Mutual.

From Business as Usual to
Business as Mutual

Business as Usual

An individual-centric mindset is outdated and unsustainable because such corporate is less capable in keeping abreast with societal expectations, as well as understanding risks and opportunities. This is even more evident as business, industry and society are increasingly interdependent nowadays.

Business as Mutual

With a holistic mindset, stakeholders aim to work around common and material ecosystem issues dynamically. Not only is it good for Link, but contributes to building social capital that creates ecosystem-wide shared value for all stakeholders.

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