Net Zero Strategy 2035

In April 2021, we announced our ambitious Net Zero Strategy - to achieve net zero by 2035. Supported by a robust greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory management and net zero governance framework, our target will be achieved via operational efficiency, emerging technologies adoption, and renewable energy procurement. We will continue to strive for avoiding, reducing, investing and innovating in our future GHG management.

Our Net Zero Journey
Near-term Actions
Medium-term Actions
Long-term Actions
Operational Efficiency
Architect a 15-year electricity reduction modelling to assess technology adoption rate and saving potential at asset level
  • Implement mature energy solution technologies
  • Review and implement energy solution technologies that are currently in ‘early adoption’ phase
  • Review and implement energy solution technologies that are currently in ‘demonstration’ phase
Renewable Energy (RE) Procurement
Outline Link’s criteria for RE certificates, green power purchase agreements and direct investments
  • Secure asset-level green electricity supply in non-Hong Kong market
  • Explore RE investment opportunities
  • Procure RE certificates from China once there is higher market visibility on pricing and credibility
Net Zero Governance
Embed Net Zero-related policies and procedures at corporate level to formalise procurement and investment processes
  • Review potential for carbon pricing
  • Interim review of the Strategy progress and identify additional actions needed
  • Evaluate and identify potential areas for future pathways
Value Chain Engagement
Evaluate the impacts of our value chain to carbon footprint
  • Educate and influence our value chain stakeholders for low-carbon collaboration

We leverage blockchain to support net zero.
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